Be like a French beauty! How do French women take care of their face skin?

French women are the icon of style, fashion and grace. Stylish clothes as well as beautiful, healthy and radiant skin catch the eye. The ideal make-up should be mentioned as well. What makes French women look so spectacular every day? Let’s discover the secret of their beauty!

Women from France prove that they know perfectly well how to take care of themselves.

French chic and style are known worldwide. But nobody really tries to deeply study the secret of their beauty.

When do they gain the knowledge and abilities connected with beauty routine? What are their habits and favourite beautifying treatments? Learn about the basics of the beauty routine of French women!

1. Identify your skin type.

Knowing the skin type is the most important. Choosing skin care that is suitable for the skin type is the key to healthy and radiant complexion of women living in France. They have no problem determining whether their skin is greasy, combination or dry. This is what makes picking proper products easier.

2. Cleanse your face.

Cleansing is a key element of face care. We must always thoroughly cleanse the skin before putting on make-up. Some impurities, e.g. sebum, may settle on our skin so we must remember to wash it in the morning. French women usually wash their face twice a day.

3. Provide proper moisture.

You cannot put on make-up unless your skin is clean and protected. Moisturising the skin is necessary. You can do it by using moisturising creams or emulsions. Under-make up products should be light and non-greasy because e.g. oils can decrease durability of your make-up.

4. Cut down on make-up.

The make-up of French women is minimalist and very modest. These women love classic beauty that needs no covering. Flawless complexion dislikes heavy foundations, therefore women in France go for BB creams. Eye or lips make-up looks similar. It is enought to use a black eyeliner, mascara and delicate lip gloss.

5. Remember about make-up removal.

French women know that leftovers of even lightest cosmetics may clog skin pores. That is why, it is so important to remove make-up thoroughly – it decreases the occurrence of imperfections and slows down skin ageing.