The reviews of the most popular eyelash conditioners

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This time, we decided to evaluate eyelash conditioners. This kind of cosmetics is basically designed for women. However, nowadays it’s not a rule and we don’t deny it. Eyelash conditioners are supposed to improve the condition of our eyelashes and make them longer or more energized.

Beautiful eyelashes are the dream of almost every woman. Thanks to them, an eye seem to be bigger and is able to draw attention of other people. The most famous movie stars may boast themselves with their eyelashes which look like curtains. Can every woman have such eyelashes? Yes! But not everyone has it now. There is a group of women who have naturally beautiful, long and thick eyelashes, but usually there isn’t a lot of them. Fortunately, there are some ways to significantly improve the state of our eyelashes.

This solution is affordable for everyone, we should only be a little bit patient and regularly apply eyelash conditioner. This is a magical way to get ideal eyelashes. It is effective not only in case of making them thicker, but also when one wants to improve their growth. Thanks to the regular application of the conditioner, the effects may appear even after a few weeks. Firstly, eyelashes become glossier and more energized. After another several weeks, eyelashes start to grow much longer and thicker.

Nanolash Lashcode M2 Lashes Xlash FEG
Products which were chosen by us are the most popular and best known conditioners on our market. After becoming familiarized with our ranking, the choice of an appropriate conditioner for you will be much easier, just as the next shopping. We heartily encourage you!
Does it energize eyelashes? yes yes yes yes yes
Does it make them more glossy? yes yes no yes no
Does it improve their growth? yesyesyesyesyes
Does it offer fast effects? yesyesnonono
Is the price affordable? yesyesyesnono
Was it dermatologically tested? yesyesnoyesyes
Does it cause any eye irritation? yesyesnoyesyes
Does it contain natural components? yesyesnoyesyes
Is the product efficient? yesyesyesyesyes
Can it be applied by people wearing contact lenses? yesyesyesnoyes
Can it be applied by people with allergic reactions? yesyesnonoyes
Does it cause any side effects? yesyesnoyesyes
Is the product easy accessible? yesyesyesyesno
Is the application of the conditioner easy? yesyesyesyesyes


The best eyelash conditioners

#1 Nanolash -

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+ Nanolash
  • It doesn’t cause allergic reactions
  • Low price
  • Made from natural components
  • It doesn’t irrite eyes
  • Non-prescription product
- Nanolash
  • It should be applied every day.
  • One should be careful to avoid contact of the product with an eye.

The conditioner was designed to improve the appearance of the eyelashes. Its application results in not only energizing the eyelashes which become stronger but also improves their growth. The conditioner contains mainly natural components what makes it suitable for people with eye hypersensitivity, as well as for people with contact lenses.

The conditioner, according to many people who tested it, is very effective and it doesn’t cause any side effects. To make effects more satisfactory, it should be applied every day before retiring in the evening.

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Some time ago I got Nanolash conditioner from my friend. She gave me it because she had bought it herself and she had got another one as a gift. I decided to try it and tell you about the effects of its application.

At first sight, conditioner seems to be professional. Nice packaging makes we want to use the product. Also the bottle is not so colorful what doesn’t make me suspicious about its content. I know I am weird but I always grade the product from every side, even that one. As I mentioned, I didn’t buy the conditioner but I see it’s easy accessible. We can buy it in every good chemist. It’s an important thing, because no one wants to order only one small conditioner via the Internet. The price is affordable- another good side of this product. I don’t like too expensive cosmetics, I think it’s an exaggeration and not everyone can afford it.

At the beginning, I will write how I use the conditioner. By the special brush the conditioner should be applied along the eyelash line. The application is easy and it should not be a problem for anyone. The product contains natural components what I like in it very much. Nowadays, when there is a lot of chemical substances it is worth to choose cosmetics made from natural components. It was dermatologically tested, because it didn’t cause any irritation, redness or other side effects. It’s very important issue, especially in my case, because I’m allergic sufferer. I also have contact lenses what is not a problem during applying this conditioner.

During applying the conditioner I noticed that my eyelashes became not only more glossy but also more energized. Effect may be expected after 2 weeks and that’s how was in my case. What’s more, the conditioner is very efficient too and we don’t have to buy another bottle every month. One bottle will be enough for a few months of every day application.
Alicia 32, London

#2 Lashcode

+ Lashcode
  • Is gentle on the eyelids, yet effective
  • Causes no problems with application
  • Is formulated with natural extracts
  • Makes lashes longer, thicker and fuller-looking
  • Lasts long
- Lashcode
  • Is available mainly online
  • Is recommended to be paired with Lashcode mascara

Lashcode eyelash serum is destined for those who aren't satisfied with their short and thin lashes. The fact that this enhancer promotes lash growth, lash repair, rejuvenation and beautification makes it a do-it-all product. The best thing is that you don't have to wait ages to see the effects - the serum is made up of the finest ingredients such as plant extracts, arginine and peptides that together create a powerful lash booster.

The experts confirm the remarkable effectiveness of Lashcode, while the users rave about the ease of use. To apply the serum correctly, you have to remove makeup, dry the eyelids, reach for Lashcode and spread it along the base of eyelashes. It's recommended to use this serum at bedtime.

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Hey! I've been a happy owner of Lashcode eyelash serum for over 3 months, but the thing that makes me even happier is the effect I achieved with this beauty product - absolutely fabulous eyelashes. I'm glad that I bought this serum for myself and had a chance to test it. Otherwise, I couldn't share my thoughts with you about it.

I think I should start my review by giving you a very important detail. Lashcode is actually two products: an eyelash serum and a mascara. As you've probably already guessed, I use both products: in the evening I apply the serum, and in the morning I coat the lashes with the mascara, which is why I provide my eyelashes with double care because both products are enriched with nutrients. I bought Lashcode mascara and eyelash serum together because it was cheaper this way. I'd suggest you do the same.

This serum design is definitely something, and the tube holds 5 ml of the product. It's almost two times more product than the majority of serums offer. In addition, Lashcode costs less, which made me think twice before ordering it - I thought that it may be less effective than the serums I'd used before. Well, I couldn't be further from the truth. Lashcode met my expectations: it conditions my lashes and extends them visibly. To be totally honest with you, I couldn't see much of a difference at the beginning of the treatment. Worried that I threw my money down the drain, I wanted to find out what was wrong. So relieved I become after realizing that during the first weeks, Lashcode focuses on repairing and strengthening the lashes from within, to later make them grow longer. And that was exactly what happened. Moreover, after a week or so, I also noticed that I started losing less eyelashes while removing mascara, which gave me incredible lash volume in a few weeks. Today my eyelashes are truly thick and nicely defined.

The way of applying Lashcode is another thing that I like about this product. At first I thought that since this eyelash serum is runny and has a thin brush similar to the eyeliner's, it might be pretty challenging to use it correctly. Now I know that my assumptions were wrong because the brush picks up the optimal amount of the serum, it's easy to wield it near the base of the lashes, there is no spillage, and the serum absorbs in less than no time. The last piece of information that I'd like to give is that I've been using Lashcode for 3 months now and there is still a lot of product in the tube.

Anna 38, Leeds

#3 Xlash

+ Xlash
  • It darkens the eyelashes.
  • First effects visible after 3 weeks.
  • Easy accessible.
- Xlash
  • Expensive.
  • It mustn’t be applied by pregnant women.

The conditioner energizes the eyelashes but it also speeds up their growth. It contains natural components although they are mixed with chemical substances. It can cause side effects such as irritation or watering of the eyes. That’s why it isn’t recommended for people with tendencies for allergic reactions. The price also leaves a lot to be desired.

According to people who tested this products, the price is not adequate to the quality. The purchase of this conditioner should be considered well. At the top of the ranking, there a lot of products at a lower price with delicate properties and which are less harmful for the eyes.

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Unfortunately, my eyelashes are very weakened and often fall out because of my every day make-up. That’s why I decided to try the eyelash conditioner in order to improve their state. I chose Xlash.

I chose this conditioner, because it is easy accessible. I bought it in average shop and I didn’t have to worry about ordering it via the Internet. I don’t like to do it because I have to wait for shipping. In this case I didn’t have any problem.

The price of this conditioner leaves a lot to be desired, so it is worth to consider the purchase of it. The application is very easy. We have to apply the conditioner with a brush. All needed information is written on the package, so everyone is able to do it. The only thing to remember is to remove make-up. Unfortunately, I have to wait for the first effects but I will write to you soon! Bye.

Rose 28, Newcastle

#4 M2 lashes

+ M2 lashes
  • The conditioner fastens the growth of the eyelashes.
  • Eyelashes are thicker and longer.
  • Weakened eyelashes don’t fall out.
  • Low price of the conditioner.
- M2 lashes
  • The conditioner may cause allergic reactions.
  • Effect visible after longer period of time.

The conditioner was designed to energize eyelashes and improve their growth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain many natural components, so it shouldn’t be applied by people who often suffer from eye irritation. Although the product is cheap, it is not very popular. The reason of this may be a long period of time needed to notice the effects of the application.

People who tested this conditioner in connection with our ranking confirmed it’s not very effective and in many cases it causes eye irritation. Visible effects are noticeable after 6 weeks, what is a very poor result compared with other similar conditioners.

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Without unnecessary talking. I’m gonna tell you about my adventure with the conditioner. I bought it in an ordinary chemist, because in most of them we can buy this product. I was curious if these conditioners really works, so I decided to try. I think that the good accessibility of this product is very important issue. I was extremely impatient so it was an advantage I didn’t have to wait for a parcel. The price of the product doesn’t prostrate but it was suitable for me. I’m not going to spend half of my salary to buy cosmetics. I’ve got other expenses too.

The conditioner, just like any other similar cosmetic, we can apply after removing the make-up. We do it with the brush which is also a top of the bottle. You know what I mean. Just like the mascara but we have other type of the brush. So, the application is very easy and takes only a few minutes.

The big disadvantage of the conditioner is the fact it contains few natural components. Ho hum, I decided to try it regardless. Natural components in the cosmetics are very fashionable and popular nowadays, but this producer left this possibility.

Unfortunately, this conditioner wasn’t dermatologically tested what is noticeable after the first application. It causes smartness and watering of an eye. After a few days when my eyes got used to this product it was better. Maybe that’s because I hadn’t used anything similar before. Though it seems to me to not be a good product for people who suffer from different allergies or are tend to have allergic reactions. I don’t know if this product may be applied by people with contact lenses, so if you know it, please write this information for me and for other people. Because of the smartness of the eyes I will probably not buy this conditioner again, even though my eyelashes after some time became thicker, longer and more glossy. Unfortunately, it is something you have to know. The period of time when the effects of application were visible was decidedly too long. Waiting more than 6 weeks for any effect? it’s not for me… I want it faster!!!.

At the end I can add that the conditioner is efficient but it’s too less for me to buy it again

Love you !!! :******

#5 L'oreal Serum

+ L`Oreal, Serum
  • Quite low price of the conditioner.
  • Serum was made mainly from natural components
  • Visible, though poor effects after 2 weeks
- L`Oreal, Serum
  • Although claims, it can cause allergic reactions.
  • The application of the conditioner needs some skills.

The serum was designed for people who want to improve the look and overall condition of their eyelashes. The conditioner contains mainly natural components what has been quite popular recently. Unfortunately, however, in many cases serum causes irritation or itching of the eyes and because of that it mustn’t be applied by people who often suffer from eye irritation. In general, the conditioner is easy accessible in our country and we can buy it in almost at every chemist’s.

If you belong to the group of people who have not sensitive eyes, this conditioner provides fast effects- it improves growth of the eyelashes and their overall state.

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Today, partly influenced by emotions and partly because of being curious I have for you an eyelash serum produced by Loreal. Let’s start testing!

As I mentioned, the magnet for me was the price of this conditioner. Extra sale plus the fact that generally it is very expensive made I managed to buy it for peanuts. Though, I have to add that as a product produced by this company, it is really very cheap. You can easily buy it in every chemist. It’s an important issue for me, because it don’t like to buy everything via the Internet.

The application of this conditioner isn’t very complicated and it’s not different than applying any other eyelash conditioner. Like in every case, we apply the conditioner with the brush after removing make-up. Dead easy. Surely no one will have a problem to do it.

The conditioner includes many natural components what is a really good property. I am really hooked on everything what is natural as much as possible. Although the conditioner is high in mineral ingredients, it wasn’t dermatologically tested. For me it’s a huge disadvantage.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t wrong. After a few applications of this conditioner I had very unpleasant itch of an eyelid and the whole eye. I think, it is not cut it for people who suffer from allergies, because I even don’t want to imagine how it can work on sensitive eyes if it had so bad influence on me… I also can’t imagine people who have contact lenses and have problems with eye watering. Well…maybe this kind of reaction appeared only in my case? I have to be impartial, after all.

After a few days when my eyes got used to the conditioner, it stopped disturbing me. It doesn’t change the fact that the beginning was not pleasant at all. After about two weeks from the first application, my eyelashes became more glossy and darker. Maybe, even though at the beginning it wasn’t pleasant it is worth to use this conditioner? I have mixed feelings. All will turn out after the period of testing, so for about 6 weeks. Besides, the conditioner is efficient and one bottle is enough for a long time.

Miley 22, Exeter

#6 FEG eyelash enchancer

+ FEG eyelash
  • The product is cheaper than other similar conditioners.
- FEG eyelash
  • People who applied this conditioner often suffered from irritations and allergic reactions.
  • A lot of ineffective, falsified products on the market.
  • Visible effects are seen after 8 weeks of application.

This conditioner was designed to shorten the time of the growth of the eyelashes and to energize them. It contains many natural extracts which are mixed with synthetic components. Despite this fact, the conditioner should not be applied by people who often suffer from eye irritation. This product often caused watering and overall irritation of an eye among people who tested it. The conditioner is not easy accessible, because in our country it isn’t very popular.

The price of the product isn’t low and for the visible effect of application we have to wait a few weeks. In this price category there are other conditioners which may better meet expectations of people who would like to improve the state of their eyelashes.

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Hello my girls :D
I had my eyelashes lengthened some time ago and unfortunately I am not satisfied. Looking for some information about ways of lengthening eyelashes or about improving overall state of them, I came across some mentions about eyelash conditioners. ☺

The conditioner which I decided to try was a gift from my sister. She had just come back from UK then and she said she could leave me these cosmetics which she personally uses. Unfortunately, in our country this conditioner isn’t easy accessible thus I have to buy it via the Internet. Another effect that it is not accessible in our country is the high price.

The application of the conditioner is similar to the application of mascara. We have only different type of brush which helps us to apply the conditioner. We have to be careful not to put the cosmetic into an eye, because it can cause smartness. Before the application it is advisable to remove all make-up with a swab soaked with the water.

The conditioner is high in mineral components what also encouraged me to try it. The visible thing is that it was dermatologically tested. It can be applied by people suffer from allergic reactions and people who wear contact lenses. In my case the conditioner didn’t cause any side effects, any smartness, redness or other reactions. In terms of this issue I am very satisfied.

Unfortunately, during the first 6 weeks of application I didn’t notice any effects. Only after this quite long period of time my eyelashes became more glossy and energized and later- thicker and longer.

Though, I think it’s a quite long period of time when one has to wait for the effects. Although the product is very efficient. I gave it mixed review considering its price and long time waiting for effects.
Diana, Vienna

Ranking’s suggestions

  • It energizes the eyelashes- it seems to be obvious that eyelash conditioner should energize them. Unfortunately, not every conditioner does it. Though some of them contain appropriate components, they don’t have properties which energize eyelash roots.
  • It makes them more glossy- eyelashes are the same kind of hair as hair on the head. If the structure of them is weakened, eyelashes are matt and weak. The conditioner may smoothen them and make them more glossy.
  • It fastens their growth - thanks to the conditioners we can make our eyelashes much longer. The appropriate components stimulate eyelashes to grow faster providing them a good source of necessary substances.
  • It provides fast effects - the time when we see visible effects is connected with the components included in the conditioner. The more energizing components the faster effects.
  • The price of the product is affordable- it doesn’t need to be explained explicitly. Some conditioners are much more expensive than others what is not connected with the effects of their application.
  • The product was dermatologically tested- it’s a crucial thing if our eyes often water and we suffer from allergic reactions. If the product hadn’t been dermatologically tested, we couldn’t be certain about its safety.
  • It doesn’t cause eye irritation- some conditioners contain components which may cause watering of the eyes.
  • It contains natural components- the greatest number of natural components are inside our cosmetic the more delicate and effective it is.
  • The product is efficient - it’s also a crucial thing, especially when the price of the conditioner is not low.
  • The product can be applied by people with contact lenses- some components included in the conditioners may destroy a sensitive structure of the lenses.
  • It may be applied by people suffering from allergic reactions - people who suffer from allergy may have a problem to choose right cosmetics for themselves. The important thing is to know if the product may be used by allergic individuals.
  • It doesn’t cause side effects- there are some components which cause side effects such as irritation, watering among many others. If the cosmetics have bad influence on us, it’s worth to check this property.
  • The product is easy accessible- some products of this type are still unknown in our country and because of that there is a necessity to order them via the Internet or to look for them in many shops.
  • The application of the conditioner is easy- usually, to apply the conditioner we have to put it into an eyelash line using a small brush. It’s not difficult but sometimes it requires some concentration.