Christmas sparkle in make-up – what’s new in drugstores?

Cosmetic companies have prepared for this year’s holidays a variety of attractions. All this to make your make-up look beautifully, subtly, the same time confirming the range of festive moments spent with family and friends. This Year Cosmetic companies inspire to create subtle illumination of individual fragments of the face or body.

A very good proposition is a gently shimmering powder from Sephora. The Extraordinary Powder is designed for face and body. 11 grams of the product comes in a pink, cardboard box, styled in retro patterns. Applied on face or body (for example on your neckline or shoulders) provides radiance instantly. Your skin gains beautiful, healthy glow and gently glitters. The powder can be applied to eyelids as well. What is more, you can add a bit to your nail polish or mix with a liquid lipstick.

It will be useful for New Year’s Eve Party or other night out because you can sprinkle your hair with to create an evening look.

Another interesting cosmetic comes from Burberry. Gold Touch is a creamy eyeshadow. It comes in a square container with a characteristic Burberry pattern. The eyeshadow is available in one colour: Gold Shimmer. It is a shade of sparkling beige mixed with delicate highlights of gold. The biggest advantage of this product is the fact that it can have many different roles, depending on your preference. It can be applied on eyelids as an eyeshadow, you can highlight the inner corners of your eyes, you can used it under your brows, added to your lipstick, used as a cheek bone, neckline and shoulders highlighter. Therefore, Gold Touch eyeshadow from Burberry works as a pearl highlighting cream that can immediately change even the most ordinary make-up into a unique one.

Gently shimmering products used for make-up have one more advantage: they look beautiful in a subtle candle light or lights on the Christmas Tree as well as in pictures.