Make-up facts and myths.

Strong lip make-up or maybe iridescent eyeshadow? Subtle and neutral shades or bright and daring colours? Concealer, foundation… or maybe the other way round? Make-up facts and myths.

Dark smoky eyes or red lipstick?

Make-up artists believe that when your eye make-up is expressive – your lips should have natural colour. And the other way round: only light eye make-up goes with carmine, red or violet lips.

It’ s not completely true. Just look at magazine covers: celebrities wear intensive, colourful and sometimes extravagant make-up.

However, although celebrities do it, it doesn’t mean that you have to look the same. Keep in mind that less is more in make-up. And you should choose colours and products that make a perfect match. It is also very important to put on make-up that is suitable for the occasion and time of the day.

Blue eyeshadow is a relic.

Not at all! This colour was very trendy last season. It is likely to make a come back next season. If you apply the blue eyeshadow in a proper way, everyone is going to like you make-up. According to the passing trends, blue, sky blue and turkois could be applied to the whole moving eyelid, along the lash line and even eyebrow line. If you also use a grey or black eyeliner, you will look really spectacular. Bear in mind that blue products are prefect with iris of the same colour.

How to conceal imperfections?

Many girls believe that light concealer excellently covers discolouration, acne and other blemishes. Unfortunately, products of such shades make pimples and spots even more visible. If you want to look beautiful, use concealers that have similar or a bit lighter colour than your skin tone. Remember to powder your face and fix the make-up. Effect? Unblemished, smooth and radiant face skin.