Cut crease – new make-up trend. What is it and how to perform it?

Cut crease is a make-up trend, which appeared recently and it clearly is here to stay: it will accompany us throughout the Christmas, meet New Year with us or maybe it even take over the entire winter and the beginning of the spring. Why? What is this trend and what is the secret to its popularity?

Cut crease is – simple put – make-up in which you make expressively visible the line between the two parts of the eyelid. Women with hooded eye, unfortunately, cannot perform it, because it would be pointless. After all they have crease hidden under the fold of skin. Nonetheless, cut crease allows to expressively emphasise the crease on eyelid. It can be a line made with darker shade, which at the same time fits in the leading colours in the eye make-up, but it can also be expressive, bold line, which will ensure make-up with original look. In accordance to it, cut crease is suitable both for daytime make-up and the elegant, evening version.

Colours can be matched any way you want, even the wildest colours are not a concern.

This means that cut crease make-up will be perfect also for the New Year’s party and it is quite possible that will be often used also during the carnival.

The easiest daytime make-up in cut crease style could look as following:

1. Prepare eyelid for the make-up, apply eye shadow base and perform eyebrow make-up the way you usually do. The crease underline with eye shadow in grey colour, then underline it even more with darker shade of grey.

2. So that grey shade wouldn’t create uneven and unhygienic blob, its lower edge even with some pen concealer, or beige pen eye shadow. This way the part over the crease will preserve visible contour.

3. The rest of eyelid cover with eye shadow in beige, light grey, light brown or any other light colour.

4. Lashes root line in cut crease make-up is heightened. Try eye liner or soft, precise eye pencil. It can be in any, chosen by you colour. Draw even and expressive line on the upper eyelid. The lower eyelid darken with eye shadow in a colour similar to the pencil.

5. Apply mascara (best will be with effect of intense make-up).

Ready! You can also lighten the water line.