Eyelash growth – vitamins, oils, conditioners

There are plenty of various methods which boost the eyelash growth. On of these is the application of olive oil. If you are not afraid of having your clothes or bedding dirty, your skin oily and eyes irritated feel free to cover your eyelashes with olive oil. For sure, you are going to provide your eyelashes with vitamins and minerals. Obviously, you are going to moisturize them and make them shiny, as well.

Eyelash growth is also influenced by the ingredients of olive oil, although, for the first results you have to wait long weeks.

The truth is that, castor oil is a widely-used cosmetic adopted for hair care. Some people, apply this oil to make their eyelashes grow faster, as well. Naturally, castor oil moisturizes, nourishes and brings the intense shine to hair. On the other hand, the application of castor oil can result in irritations, when it gets to eyes. What is more, it can lead to eyelash, eyebrow and hair falling out. Other oils which have the beneficial effects on hair and eyelashes’ condition are argan oil, coconut oil, burdock oil and oil extracted from grape seeds. Quite recently, there is a tendency towards evening primrose oil or starflower oil use. Evidently, oils possess beautifying, regenerating and moisturizing attributions. These also activate growth of skin cells and hair, including eyelashes.

Vitamins and minerals have also positive impact on eyelash growth. Those can be taken in a form of food supplements or pills. These are also presented in vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat and baked goods. Growth of eyelashes enhance following vitamins and minerals: A, E, B, H, D, C, as well as, zinc, calcium, iron, copper and silicon. These can be easily found in eggs, cheese and nuts.

The best method of making our eyelashes longer is the application of eyelash conditioner like Nanolash. Why? This cosmetic is more effective than the previous-mentioned oils and preparations. Nanolash boosts eyelashes to grow, working on follicles and eyelash bulbs. What is more Nanolash, nourishes eyelashes deeply, causing that these become longer, thicker and stronger. What is important, the conditioner comprises of natural ingredients, that is why, while ingesting vitamins and minerals contained in food products, we enhance the effects of the conditioner. Furthermore, Nanolash beauty treatment outcomes are visible after a few weeks since the first application. Unlike oils and Vaseline, Nanolash works much faster and better. It also does not cause any irritations.