Eyelash growth – preconditions

Human body is covered with hair of different length, thickness and colour. Eyelashes are also type of hair which protect eyes from injuries caused by contamination, water and small insects. What is more, eyelashes have their life circle which comprises of three stages. The first phase, called anagen is the stage of growth. During this phase, stem cells start to create and the eyelash bulbs become developed. The second one, named catagen is connected with the cessation of eyelashes. In other words, the cells stop dividing and, as a consequence, eyelashes stop growing. Finally, the last phase, when an eyelash is resting, is called telogen. At the end of this stage, an eyelash is falling out to make space for the newly grown one.

Nevertheless, the new eyelash can grow after some period of time.

Naturally, it happens, that it grows out from the very same follicle which was occupied with the fallen out eyelash. However, this condition is strictly connected with the division of stem cells. As mentioned before, the growth of the eyelashes is also reliant on hormones, especially during the puberty, as well as, genes and, in other words, the inherited family features and race.

Obviously, the state of heath plays here also quite crucial role because all the undergone diseases and the taken medications greatly influence eyelash condition. Last but not least, the quality of hair is reflected in a lifestyle of a person, their diet and stress, to name just a few.