How to contour your eyes? A few simple ways of shading your eyelids.

We have already learnt how to contour face, neckline and legs. Now comes the time for eyelid contouring. What to do it for? It is the best way to enhance the natural shape and colour of your eyes or slightly change the appearance of your face. Check out the tips and tricks on how to improve the contour of your eyes and alter your look. 

What is eye contouring? It is visually rising the corners of your eyes or the crease. However, you can also contour your eyelid to make it fall and therefore, the entire eye looks smaller. It all depends on what kinds of eyeshadows you will use.

How to optically lift the crease? Go for this trick if your upper eyelid is quite large. If you want to draw a line along the lashes, this method of can be handy. Apply two shades: lighter than the skin of the face and darker, matte one.

Use the first shadows on the entire upper eyelid, crease, and a small piece of skin above it.

If you want to further enlarge the eyes, apply nude shadow in the inner corners of the eyes. Using darker shade, select the “new” crease, which will be located slightly above your natural crease. You might as well emphasise the outer corners of the eyes.

How to shade the lower eyelid? It turns out that it is a good way to visually enlarge or diminish the size of your eyes. You will make them look smaller if you apply dark eye pencil on the waterline and not very well-blended eyeshadow on the lower eyelid. Therefore, if you want to enlarge your eyes, avoid using eyeliner. Make sure to blend well your dark colour on the lower eyelid. Do you know how to alter the shape of your eye, using only coloured cosmetics? Simply apply a dark eyeshadow on any part of your lower eyelid.

Can you darken the entire mobile eyelid? Yes, of course. This way enhance and visually enlarge your eyes. How to do it? Take a dark matte shade, then apply it to the entire mobile eyelid, the crease and above it. Apply it in as if it was slightly “overlapping” under the brow bone. Be sure to thoroughly coat your eyelashes with your favourite mascara.