Thick eyelashes – but how?

If you want to have thick eyelashes, you can choose between two major categories of products. The first one, false eyelashes which are made from mink’s fur, synthetic materials, polyester or silk mixed with synthetic materials. The second category contains the whole bunch of different oily products, ointments, oils, special mascaras and eyelash conditioners. How do the particular products and methods differ from each other?

false lashesDefinitely, thick eyelashes can be obtained in a beauty parlour. Usually, a beautician recommends, so called, eyelash volumizing methods. These include D3 (2:1. 3:1, …, and even 8:1), Extreme, Ultra Light Effect, Express, HD and Smart. These methods consist in attaching one up to eight false eyelashes to one natural eyelash. Of course, in most cases, eyelids become laden due to the additional load. What is more, the final effect can be rather unattractive. It is suffice to look up some pictures.

The Internet is full of photos taken by dissatisfied women who had their eyelashes badly attached.

Sometimes, the case is poorly-trimmed false eyelashes, in other cases, the synthetic eyelashes are not adjusted to the eye shape, the eyelids are covered with adhesive and eyelashes are curved in every possible direction. What is more, this kind of beauty treatments greatly impair eyes, which, as a consequence, can result in lachrymation, pain and redness of the eyes. When the beautician uses inappropriate instruments and materials of low quality or if she has not acquired any experience or skills, she can do harm to the client. For example, eyes can be irritated when the badly-applied adhesive gets to the them. Additionally, it is extremely common that false eyelashes are roughly attached. Allergic reactions can be also caused by the materials used in the production process of false eyelashes. Generally, false eyelashes are made from polyester fabrics or silk and synthetic materials. It is obvious that, environmentalists and animal lovers are remonstrating against eyelashes made of mink’s fur. Concluding, these are eyelash extending methods with the usage of artificial materials. Let us look closer on the other group of eyelash thickening methods. Maybe these will take to you. Firstly, did you know that some women use baby powder, potato flour or loose powder to enhance the look of their eyelashes? All you have to do is mascara your eyelashes, then, with the aid of a brush or a cotton bud apply one of the above-mentioned products. Finally, mascara your eyelashes one more time. Reportedly, it works. Nevertheless, which one of you would like to wear baby powder or potato flour on the face? What is more, the mascara brush would be permanently grimed with the layer of powder and eyelashes would be stuck together. In that case, maybe you would be more eager to try out the application of some cosmetic oils, Vaseline or mascaras? A little bird told that these products do wonders. Oils and Vaseline moisturize and nourish eyelashes. When it comes to mascaras, these extend and thicken eyelashes optically. Nonetheless, it is worth considering whether long-lasting and regular application of these specifics can result in us having thicken eyelashes? It is rather questionable. What we can take for granted is the fact that vitamins and fatty acids presented in oils enhance hair condition, however, if you want to achieve long and thick eyelashes, you have to be extremely patient. Only mascaras give us the instantaneous effect of longer and thicker eyelashes. Although, the effects are not long-lasting and mascaras are nothing more but colour cosmetics.

So what does the trick of making our eyelashes thicker? If you think, that all the possibilities have been explored, you are wrong. There is yet another method which is not only proven but also reliable – and this is eyelash conditioner. The key working factor of eyelash conditioner is invigorating eyelashes to grow. Furthermore, Nanolash makes eyelashes thicker, longer, stronger and their color is darkened. What is more, the conditioner comprises of only natural ingredients of plant origin. The flower extracts regenerate, nourish and moisturize eyelashes and taking care of eye skin area at the same time. Another advantage of this product is its dosing. The application of eyelash conditioner is extremely easy. It is suffice to put the conditioner on the upper and lower eyelid, right on the eyelash line, every evening. If performed regularly, the first effects are to be seen after two or three weeks. You are going to notice improved and rebuilt condition of your tiny hair in a form of longer and volumized eyelashes. Some people may say that attached false eyelashes give us the immediate results. Yes, that is right, but Nanolash works only on your own eyelashes, costs less than the beauty treatments performed in the beauty parlours and it is you who performs the application. Use of eyelash conditioner gives additional advantages – the great satisfaction because you can take care of the eyelashes by yourself.