Eyelash growth – conclusions

To make our eyelashes grow longer, it is sufficient to remember about several basic rules. Firstly, you have to pick mascaras only of the highest quality. It goes without saying that, this kind of cosmetic should include vitamins and nourishing substances. Remember, you do not have to paint your eyes everyday.

If you are at home, give them some rest. Secondly, develop a habit of soft make up removal.

It is advisable to use medical products and to do not rub your eyes fiercely. It is adequate just to put a cotton pad moisturized with lotion to your eye and push it softly. As a consequence, after a couple of minutes, the mascara and eyeshadows are going to melt. Thirdly, bear in mind to apply Nanolash eyelash conditioner every evening. It enhances eyelash growth in two or three weeks time. And fourthly, be persistent.