Go for glow! Novelties in make-up from Burberry

Winter is a magical time, most of all because we celebrate it with Christmas, by meeting with family and friends and celebrating the New Year.

No wonder that in such a happy time we want to look exceptional, elegant and stunning.

Cosmetic companies want to meet demands of women and release new, unique versions of their products that make the limited line. Elegant and gorgeous packagings hide inside equally delightful cosmetics.

The particular attention deserve products endorsed by the Burberry.

This winter the brand offers subtle glowing make-up, which will present itself impeccably in the candle light, next to the Christmas lights and… in the camera flash for the family pictures.

Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid is a smoothing make-up base, that highlights skin and provides it with immediate glow.

Make-up base has beautiful, square jar. Packaging is decorated with characteristic to Burberry checker, which this winter will amaze with golden colour. Fluid Fresh Glow has super lightweight formula. In a blink of an eye it highlights the skin and removes all the imperfections and fatigue. Thanks to it skin looks better and you look younger. What is more, the product provides constant hydration. Grained particles reflect light and conceal minor skin imperfections. Due to subtle glow, fluid can be applied also on body parts other than face. It can be easily used on the skin of the body, cleavage, shoulders. It is perfect highlighter for face or particular its areas (eyelids, lips, cheekbones, cupid’s bow). Thanks to it skin will gain glow and young appearance.

If you want to enhance the glowing cheeks and body, effect – you can use special Gold Glow Skin Powder from Burberry. Silky consistency and subtle glow are provided by the reflecting light, micro particles and specially developed recipe. Gold Glow Skin Powder is available in pressed version. On the inside are two shimmering shades in golden tones, that can be applied separately or mixed before administering it on face and cleavage.