Skin rejuvenation with Avene products.

Human skin is made of collagen fibers. There are several types of them. Type I and IV are mostly responsible for the youthfulness of our skin. They make skin elastic and firm. There are also particles of hyaluronic acid between the fibers. When you turn 25, the amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid starts decreasing – in other words the skin starts ageing. Luckily, thanks to proper products, we can slow the process down.

Avene Dermocosmetics Eau Thermale may prove to be the rescue.

1. YstheAl Eau Thermale for first wrinkles.

If you notice first fine lines on your face – don’t wait. Buy YstheAl Eau Thermale cream which is a combination of retinaldehyde, pre-tocopheryl and oleamid-glycyl-glycine. It effectively smooths first wrinkles and restores radiance. YstheAl Eau Thermale cream offers high tolerance even in case of sensitive skin.

2. PhysioLift Eau Thermale for visible wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

PhysioLift products provide an excellent treatment for skin which has lost its firmness and bounce. PhysioLift cream works like an iron for wrinkles. It provides the skin with shine and youthful appearance. Ascofiline is a unique ingredient that offers strong rejuvenating action. It is a brown algae which stimulates synthesis of collagen very effectively.

Retinaldehyde improves skin density and provides young look.

3. Serenage Eau Thermale for very mature skin (50+)

Serenage delivers bounce and elasticity, improves skin density and works like a facelift. Serenage cream contains pearl pigments which brighten the complexion and reflect the light to provide radiant and youthful look.