Velvet on your lips! New lipsticks from Zoeva Pure Velour Lips

Velvety lips are this season hit. After matte yet tightening lipsticks, which tend to cause dryness on many occasions – it is time for velvety, subtle matte, which at the same time leaves lips soft and without sensation of dryness.

Zoeva released 8 shades of velvet liquid lipstick. Colours of liquid lipsticks are neutral (out of 8 shades, only 3 are intense and go from very dark cherry through intense red to brown mixed with pink tones). Remaining colours are classical nude and dusky pink in many shades – from warm and delicate to colder and more intense.

Zoeva Pure Velour Lips can be bought individually by choosing the colour accordingly to what you like and to your skin complexion. You can also buy entire set of 8 liquid lipsticks packed in elegant black box.

Lipsticks are expected to provide velvety finish to the make-up, leaving lips soft and fully hydrated for hours to come.

Zoeva Pure Velour Lips are equipped in precise and unique applicator, which isn’t – as it is with other products of this type – cut at angle on one side, but has a shape of a pear. The top of the sponge applicator is very narrow, what makes precise lip make-up easier. Lipstick perfectly covers lips, even in areas difficult to reach.

Zoeva Pure Velour Lips are very durable and well pigmented. Just one layer of velvety lipstick is enough to provide lips with perfect coverage. Thanks to it lipstick is very efficient. You should remember that the try to apply another layer will end up badly: lipstick will get off the lips or it will create lumps in the mouth corners and crease. Its velvety consistency does not allow to apply to much of the product.

Zoeva Pure Velour Lips dries fast and effect of velvet matte lasts for a long time. However, it is not long lasting lipstick and you have to keep it in mind that after visit at the restaurant or drinking the coffee, the lipstick can stay on the cup.