Best eyelash extensions. Find your beauty salon

Eyelash extensions are recommended for almost everyone. No matter if you are a woman from a big city or a town. Eyelash extensions are offered in almost every beauty salon. Visit a salon in your neighbourhood to see we aren’t lying. However, think carefully before going to some beautician you don’t even know. Should we trust someone of little experience? Maybe there is a better method?

Of course, there is. The best natural eyelash extension method is using Nanolash serum but few women know about its properties. Before introducing serums and discussing their qualities, let’s take a closer look at best eyelash extensions.

How to find a salon that offers inexpensive, quick eyelash extensions that won’t end up in failure.

It is quite a challenge. Contrary to what we might think, not every person with a beautician’s diploma has skills to do eyelash extensions properly. Lack of experience or abilities lead to awful effects very often.

Where are best eyelash extensions offered?

There are lots of places where eyelash extensions are performed. Even less popular hair and beauty salons are enriching their offer with eyelash treatments. Regrettably, we have the right to question their quality. It is true: good at everything – great at nothing. Eye area is really delicate and we’d better not risk eye problems.

It is advisable to think our choice through a few times before taking a final decision. Going to some trusted salons which are specialized in eyelash extensions is a good idea. It is even better to decide on using an eyelash and eyebrow serum which is the best natural eyelash extension method. Undoubtedly, this method is connected with the lowest risk of side effects. However, in case of eyelash extensions these side effects cannot be completely ruled out.

What is important while choosing a beauty salon?

Answer a few simple questions before deciding on eyelash extensions in any beauty salon. We have prepared a short survey to help you choose the best place. By answering the questions, you will eliminate salons that could do more harm than good. Let’s begin!

Is the salon specialized in eyelash extensions?

If it is, such a salon is more likely to provide professional service. We have already mentioned multi-tasking. If they offer to do everything, they are not specialized in anything. Perfection is possible to achieve if we focus on one thing. A professional hairdresser can have very little knowledge about eyelash extensions. It is also similar in case of make-up artists and stylists. A good salon should focus on eyelash and facial treatments instead of offering everything. Beautifying treatments should be performed by specialists, not a casual person.

Do people working in the salon have proper qualifications?

Certificates or other evidence of formal qualifications and completed courses are a great confirmation of the quality of services provided. Good beauty salon won’t employ just anyone; it creates a team of professionals. Eyelash extension is not a piece of cake, therefore suitable knowledge and skills are necessary not to harm the client. Don’t be afraid to ask the aesthetician about completed courses and training because it is a guarantee of the effect. Remember that if someone is avoiding the answer, it means they have something to hide.

What is the salon’s offer?

Offer and price list tell you a lot about the quality of the services provided by the salon. If the salon offers variety of treatments – not only semi-permanent eyelashes – it is very likely to deliver high quality services. The client should always have options to choose from. There are lots of eyelash extension methods. If a beautician uses the same extension method for every customer, we should look for a different technician. Such a treatment must be suitable for the condition of our lashes, eye and face shape and client’s preferences.

Does the beautician explain everything?

We shouldn’t trust a beautician who doesn’t say anything throughout the treatment. It means that she has very little knowledge about her profession. A customer may know little about eyelash extensions, therefore a professional eyelash stylist will tell everything during the treatment: explain every step, why this kind of method has been chosen and what it consist in, what is happening to our lashes. You can strike up the conversation and ask about the details. If she gives unsatisfactory or dusty answers, go to a different salon.

Moreover, we should know that a good eyelash stylist informs about risks connected with eyelash extensions. S/he never forgets to tell about frequent allergic reactions, irritation, weak eyelashes or eye problems that may appear during/after putting on false eyelashes. The stylist also suggests an alternative that we can use in case we give up on eyelash extension. 8 in 10 beauticians recommend NANOLASH eyelash and eyebrow serum which brings better and longer-lasting effects than eyelash extensions.

Be careful! Any feeling of discomfort during the treatment should be a warning signal. Eye watering, smarting and other ailments while putting on false eyelashes are not a good sign! Inform the stylist about it immediately and stop the treatment. You can be allergic to synthetic glues, false eyelashes, silk or mink eyelashes. The feeling of discomfort may also be a sign of improperly carried out treatment that does serious harm to you natural lashes.


Nanolash-perfect-for-your-eyelashes-and-eyebrowsInstead of wasting money in a beauty salon and looking for the one that can deliver desirable effects, it is a better idea to turn to alternative solution right away.

Undoubtedly, Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum is a better method for long and beautiful eyelashes. The price of eyelash extensions cannot be compared to the price of using an eyelash serum. Eyelash extensions are two or three times more expensive than a serum and remember that you need to go back for fill-ins. Costs play a key role but they aren’t the most important.

Women want quick effects and they can achieve them thanks to volume eyelash extensions. However, the results are temporary, you need fill-ins and often face unwanted side effects. We should show some patience and go for Nanolash serum. Our eyelashes will become long, full and strong after only several weeks. The effect will not vanish so quickly. The serum works regardless of eyelash life cycle. The product works inside, therefore every new eyelash will be strong and long.

There is no point in wasting time and money for eyelash extensions in a beauty salon where we can experience some side effects. It is a far better idea to go for natural eyelash extension method – eyelash and eyebrow serum. According to specialists and rankings, Nanolash serum is the best one. It contains natural ingredients which nourish, repair and strengthen eyelashes as well as stimulate hair bulbs to work more efficiently. The effect is long, thick and full natural eyelashes which lasts much longer than a few weeks (like eyelash extensions in a salon).


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